Formlabs BioMed Amber Resin Cartridge


Formlabs is committed to ensuring every medical facility has access to the latest tools to improve care and provide the best patient experience.

BioMed Amber Resin is a strong, stiff material for biocompatible applications requiring short-term skin or mucosal membrane contact. Parts printed with BioMed Amber Resin are compatible with common solvent disinfection and sterilization methods. BioMed Amber Resin is manufactured in Formlabs' ISO 13485 facility.

BioMed Amber Resin is suitable for strong, rigid parts such as functioning threads.

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Model RS-F2-BMAM
Manufacturer Formlabs

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Properties Post-Cured³
Ultimate Tensile Strength 73 MPa
Young’s Modulus 2.9 GPa
Elongation 12.3%
Flexural Properties  
Flexural Strength 103 MPa
Flexural Modulus 2.5 GPa
Hardness Properties  
Hardness Shore D 67 D


Disinfection Compatibility

Chemical Disinfection 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for 5 minutes


Sterilization Compatibility

Steam Sterilization Autoclave at 134 °C for 20 minutes
Autoclave at 121 °C for 30 minutes