Formlabs Draft V2 Resin Cartridge, 1L


Formlabs Draft V2 Resin prints up to four times faster than Formlabs standard materials, making it ideal for initial prototypes and rapid iterations to help bring products to market faster. Parts printed with Draft Resin exhibit a smooth grey finish and high accuracy. Use 200 micron settings for fast print speeds, or use 100 micron settings for models with finer details.

From fast print initiation speeds to minimal support removal, wash, and cure times, Draft Resin has an optimized workflow to truly maximize efficiency.This version of Draft Resin is a reformulation of a previous version. This current version offers improved surface finish, a more professional appearance, and is easier to use.

Supports print resolutions: 200 and 100 microns.

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    Part Number:
    Supported Print Resolutions:
    100 microns, 200 microns
    Printer Compatibility
    Form 2, Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B, Form 3B+, Form 3L, Form 3BL
    Form 2 Resin Tank Compatibility
    Form 2 Resin Tank LT
    Form 3 Resin Tank Compatibility
    Form 3 Resin Tank V1, Form 3 Resin Tank V2, Form 3 Resin Tank V2.1
    Form 3L Resin Tank Compability
    Form 3L Resin Tank V1, Form 3L Resin Tank V2

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