INTAMSYS PC-ABS Filament is a high-performance 3D printing material that combines the best of both worlds. This filament is a blend of polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), resulting in a versatile and durable filament ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you're working on functional prototypes, engineering parts, or even end-use products, the INTAMSYS PC-ABS Filament delivers exceptional strength, impact resistance, and heat resistance.

With the INTAMSYS PC-ABS Filament, you can achieve prints with excellent dimensional stability and superb layer adhesion. This filament boasts high tensile strength, making it suitable for applications that require robust and durable parts. Furthermore, its exceptional heat resistance ensures that your prints can withstand elevated temperatures without deforming or losing structural integrity. The INTAMSYS PC-ABS Filament is compatible with most 3D printers that support ABS filaments, providing you with a seamless printing experience. Unlock your creativity and bring your designs to life with this premium filament, designed to meet the demands of professional 3D printing projects.

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Filament diameter
1.75 mm
1.1 g/cm³
Glass transition temperature
109 °C
Heat Deflection Temperature
106 °C
Melt index
11-17 g/10min
Tensile strength
42.7 MPa
Young’s modulus
2100 MPa
Elongation at break
Flexural strength
76.5 MPa
Flexural modulus
2055 MPa
Impact strength
16.2 kJ/m²