Experience the exceptional performance of INTAMSYS PEEK filament, a high-performance thermoplastic material designed to meet the demands of the most challenging applications. With its remarkable combination of high temperature resistance, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and biocompatibility, INTAMSYS PEEK filament sets a new standard in engineering-grade filaments.

Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, INTAMSYS PEEK filament maintains its structural integrity at temperatures as high as 343°C, making it ideal for applications that require exposure to elevated heat. Its outstanding mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, excellent wear resistance, and low friction, ensure reliable and durable parts. Additionally, the filament's impressive chemical resistance allows it to thrive in corrosive environments, withstanding acids, bases, solvents, and oils. Furthermore, its biocompatibility makes it a trusted choice for medical and healthcare applications, meeting the stringent requirements of medical implants, surgical instruments, and prosthetics. Discover the power of INTAMSYS PEEK filament and unlock the potential for innovation in industries such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and medical fields.

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Available colors
Filament diameter
1.75 mm
Bending modulus
3612 MPa
Bending strength
147 MPa
1.3 g/cm³
Elongation at break
Extruder temperature
380–410 °C
Glass transition temperature
143 °C
Impact strength
7.1 kJ/m²
Melting point
343 °C
Print bed temperature
120–160 °C
Support material
Tensile strength
99.9 MPa
Young’s modulus
3738 MPa

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