INTAMSYS SP3050 Support Filament


Introducing the INTAMSYS SP3050 Support Filament, the ultimate solution for seamless 3D printing experiences. Designed with precision and compatibility in mind, this support filament is specifically engineered to complement INTAMSYS 3D printers, ensuring optimal performance and outstanding results.

The INTAMSYS SP3050 Support Filament boasts exceptional stability and solubility, making it the ideal choice for complex prints and intricate designs. Its unique formulation enables it to provide reliable support structures that can be easily removed, leaving behind flawless, high-quality prints. With excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials, including ABS, PLA, and more, this filament guarantees consistent and reliable support, preventing warping and promoting successful printing every time. Moreover, its solubility in water simplifies post-processing, allowing for hassle-free removal of support structures without leaving any residue or marks on the final product.

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Filament diameter
1.75 mm
1.26 g/cm³
Melting temperature
Melt index
11 g/10min
Recommended Conditions
Nozzle temp.
Support for model material
Designed for PA12 and PA12-CF
Support material removing method
Manually breakaway