INTAMSYS SP5000 Support Filament


The INTAMSYS SP5000 Support Filament is the ultimate solution to streamline your 3D printing process. Specially designed to enhance the performance of INTAMSYS industrial-grade 3D printers, this support filament revolutionizes the way you create complex, intricate designs. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the SP5000 Support Filament offers exceptional reliability and compatibility with a wide range of engineering-grade materials. With its advanced formulation, the INTAMSYS SP5000 Support Filament delivers unparalleled support structures that effortlessly dissolve, leaving behind clean and flawless prints. Its exceptional thermal stability ensures optimal printing conditions, enabling you to achieve intricate designs with ease. The SP5000's excellent adhesion to various substrates ensures reliable support throughout the printing process, preventing warping or misalignment. Whether you're working on functional prototypes or intricate models, this support filament guarantees consistent, high-quality prints, saving you valuable time and effort in post-processing. Elevate your 3D printing experience with the INTAMSYS SP5000 Support Filament and unlock new possibilities for your design projects.

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Filament diameter
1.75 mm
1.1-1.3 g/cm³
Recommended Conditions
Nozzle temp.
Support for model material
Immersed in ethyl acetate solvent for more than 24h, and then manually breakaway. Please refer to the process guide
Support material removing method
Manually breakaway
Designed for Funmat Pro 410