M1 Basic – Entry-Level Finishing Solution for 3D Printed Parts by AM Solutions

Compact entry-level finishing system for processing single components and small work piece batches

As a highly economical entry-level machine, the M1 Basic by AM Solutions can be integrated into your manufacturing line as a completely self-contained system. This equipment solution also distinguishes itself by a compact design and ease of operation.

It is ideal for surface smoothing and polishing of 3D-printed components made of metal or plastic. Whether you must process individually printed components or small batches – the M1 Basic guarantees perfect and repeatable finishing results. Besides that, the machine is equipped with an integrated process water recycling system including the respective process monitoring.

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Inside dimensions processing bowl:
220 x 590 mm (w x l)
High frequency processing:
> 3,600 RPM
Drive power:
0.65 kW
Sedimentation basin:
50 l
Noise level:
≤ 78 dB(A)

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