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Magigoo – the 3D printing adhesive

All you need for sure adhesion of 3D prints. Magigoo is an easy to use 3D printing adhesive designed to address 'the first layer not sticking problem'. Magigoo ensures a strong adhesion to the hot plate. But the magic starts when printing is ready: just wait for the plate to cool down and then remove your prints with just a finger flick! In addition, Magigoo helps to prevent warping. Isn't it magic? Regardless of you being a hobbyist or professional - it is extremely rewarding to have a 30 hour print complete without any warping and having it release easily once cooled.

How To Use It: 

  • Shake the bottle.
  • Apply to the desired area by pressing the nib on the bed (activating the inner valve) and spreading as needed.
  • Print according to the filament/printer manufacturers recommendations
  • Allow to cool and Remove. The print should pop right off
  • Clean - Use a damp cloth to wipe off.

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Model SUP-999303
  • Appearance: clear-faint yellow liquid
  • Odor: faint odor
  • Consistency: low-med viscosity
  • Solvent: water
  • Decomposition: extended periods exceeding 120 °C


Intended Use:
To be used on FDM/FFF 3D printers with a heated bed on aluminium, glass surfaces. Also works when applied on sheets e.g. Kapton, PEI and similar. To be used with common plastics e.g. PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, TPU.


Magigoo acts as a thermally activated interfacial layer, allowing for better interactions, both at the micro and molecular level, between the printing bed and the printing materials. It is recommended to print according to the printing temperatures recommended by the filament supplier.

An additional benefit of Magigoo, being thermally activated, is that it will release the print upon cooling. Different printers, print surfaces or filaments will have slightly different released conditions but as a general rule a reduction in temperature by 30-40 °C will be sufficient to remove your prints without any effort.

If the material you are trying to print with is not specifically described in the table above it means we have either found that the results are not up to our standards or we have not conducted enough tests to assure its efficacy. There are other specialty Magigoo formulations for adhering engineering plastics such as Polycarbonate Polypropylene and Nylon should these materials be of interest.


Storage and Handling:
Magigoo should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. After use Magigoo should be stored in an upright position and with the cap on. Excess Magigoo on the nib can cause the applicator adhering to the cap. To prevent this, make sure no excess Magigoo remains on the rim of the applicator after use. If not capped the Magigoo applicator will dry up. In such a case just rinse with water.

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