UltiMaker ABS CF Filament

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UltiMaker ABS CF Filament combines the reliability of ABS on the Method series with the performance of carbon fiber. Making a great material for engineering grade prints.

ABS Carbon Fiber is also the only composite on the Method series that is compatible with the RapidRinse support material, opening up limitless design flexibility with easy and convenient support removal.

Printer Compatability:
  • UltiMaker Method X
  • UltiMaker Method X Carbon Fiber
  • UltiMaker Method XL

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Tensile Strength
59 MPa
Tensile Modulus
6100 MPa
Strain at Break
Flexural Strength
106 MPa
Flexural Modulus
4700 MPa
Heat Deflection Temperature – 64 psi
Heat Deflection Temperature – 264 psi
1.1 (g/cc)