Formlabs Flame Retardant Resin Cartridge, 1KG (0.84 L)


Formlabs Flame Retardant Resin is a self-extinguishing and halogen-free SLA material with a UL 94 V-0 certification and favorable flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) ratings.

Use Flame Retardant Resin to easily 3D print flame retardant, heat-resistant, stiff, and creep-resistant parts that will perform well long-term in indoor and industrial environments with high temperatures or ignition sources.

Printer Compatibility:

Form 3(+), Form 3B(+), Form 3L, Form 3BL

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Part Number
Supported Print Resolutions
Form 3: 50 microns, 100 microns; Form 3L: 100 microns
Form 3 Resin Tank Compatibility
Form 3 Resin Tank V1, Form 3 Resin Tank V2, Form 3 Resin Tank V2.1
Form 3L Resin Tank Compatibility
Form 3L Resin Tank V1, Form 3L Resin Tank V2
Wash Settings
10 minutes in IPA
Cure Settings
70 C for 60 minutes

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Self-Extinguishing, UL 94 V-0 Certified Parts with Excellent Finish and Heat Resistance

Flame Retardant Resin is ideal for:

  • Interior parts in airplanes, automobiles, and airplanes
  • Protective and internal consumer electronics components
  • Custom jigs, fixtures, and replacement parts for industrial environments with high temperatures or ignition sources
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