Today, Formlabs is introducing the latest material in its SLS powder portfolio, Formlabs TPU 90A Powder. Balancing high elongation at break and superior tear strength, TPU 90A Powder enables users to produce flexible, skin-safe prototypes and end-use parts that withstand the demands of everyday use – all at a low cost per part thanks to its 80% recyclability (20% refresh rate).

Announcing Formlabs TPU 90A Powder

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TPU 90A Powder: Specifications & Use Cases

Formlabs TPU 90A Powder has a Shore hardness rating of 90A (hence the name!). To put this in context, TPU 90A stands somewhere between pencil erasers and tire treads.

The TPU 90A Powder meets the applicable requirements of ISO 10993-1:2020 and is biologically safe for limited duration (≤24 hours) surface (mucosal membrane) and long term (>30 days) surface (intact skin) contacting devices.

Formlabs TPU 90A Powder in Context Piping Part
Formlabs TPU 90A Powder - courtesy of Formlabs

Typical applications and use cases for this material are:

Engineering Applications

  • Vibration dampers, bumpers
  • Seals, gaskets, overmold grips
  • Tubes, hoses, bellows,
  • Automotive interiors

Consumer goods

  • Wearable prototypes
  • Fashion design pieces
  • Sporting goods: paddings, shin guards
  • Clothing parts

Healthcare Applications

  • End-use medical devices
  • Orthotic pads and prosthetic liners
  • Wearables, seals, bumpers, and tubes
  • Splints, cranial remolding helmets

Compatibility with Fuse 1 Series Printers

Formlabs TPU 90A is compatible with the Formlabs Fuse 1+ 30W and will be compatible with the Formlabs Fuse 1 via updated settings later in June. It is important to note that TPU 90A Powder that has been sitting in the hoper for several days will require manual agitation to flow correctly. This is particularly important when using the Formlabs Fuse 1 since it does not come equipped with the hopper agitator found on the Fuse 1+ series printer.

TPU 90A Powder is not compatible with the original version of the Fuse Sift. If you’re unsure whether or not your Fuse Sift is compatible, contact us and our team of Formlabs Experts will be able to confirm this for you.


Formlabs TPU 90A Powder is priced at $799 for 6 KG and will be available soon.

TPU filament is typically a hygroscopic material and often requires careful handling to avoid exposure to moisture in the air. Additionally, unlike TPU 90A printed on an FDM/FFF 3D printer, the TPU 90A SLS Powder allows for greater design freedom, including parts designed with hollowed sections or lattices of varying density.

TPU 90A Powder can be printed with a refresh rate of 20% in air with consistent results. Customers may be able to experiment with refresh rates lower than 20% due to the fact that it does not undergo thermal degradation in the same was as Nylon 11 and Nylon 12-based materials, however there are no measured statistics on this at this time.

Since TPU 90A Powder and other Formlabs Nylon-based Powders have different melting temperatures and do not share a base polymer, it is recommended to use a dedicated Fuse series printer, Fuse Sift, and Build Chamber. Before switching to TPU 90A, the Piston Top Assembly on the Build Chamber must be replaced. Damage will occur if this component is not replaced beforehand.

Since TPU 90A Powder has a lower printing temperature (around 120ºC), the cooling time will be quicker compared to Formlabs Nylon Powders. Formlabs recommends waiting until the build chamber has cooled to 80ºC or less in order to minimize the risk of part deformation.

Similar to other Formlabs SLS Powders, parts printed in TPU 90A should be removed from the powder cake, brushed, and vacuumed in the Fuse Sift to remove the unfused powder. Media blasting is still recommended to remove all excess powder from the parts.

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