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Introducing Formlabs Flame Retardant Resin and Build Platform 2L

Formlabs announced two new products at RAPID+TCT 2023: Flame Retardant Resin and Build Platform 2L.

Introducing Formlabs TPU 90A Powder for Fuse Series SLS Printers

Balancing high elongation at break and superior tear strength, TPU 90A Powder enables users to produce flexible, skin-safe prototypes and end-use parts that withstand the demands of everyday use.

Formlabs Form 3L Unboxing and Setup

See everything that comes with the printer and how easy it is to install. After we unbox the Formlabs Form 3L, we go through the setup process.

Formlabs Fuse 1 Powders in 2022: Nylon 12-GF, Nylon 12, Nylon 11

Material Review FORMLABS FUSE 1 POWDERS IN 2022: NYLON 12-GF, NYLON 12, NYLON 11 Formlabs just announced the latest material for their Fuse 1 SLS system: Nylon 12 Glass Filled. This brings the material library for...


FORMLABS FORM 3 VS. FORM 2 Learn about What’s New, What’s The Same, and The Improvements made with the new Formlabs Form 3 LFS 3D Printer. Published January 03, 2020 Author Source Graphics Facebook Twitter Linkedin...
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